Who stages a meal like this?

Gas Station Cuisine?

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Cut and paste from my Yelp page: This is the review that you likely didn’t see coming. Most gas station food is, simply put, gas station food. Hot dogs on metal treadmills, pizza by the slice with potential to be hours/days old and nacho cheese pumps that rarely see action. And, despite the reputation, unbeknownst to most locals, one of …

Reason for the Freezin’

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New Year’s Day 9:30am, when most folks are looking for Advil or perhaps their car, in Coeur d’Alene you’ll find 400+ runners/joggers/walkers lined up behind Michael D’s for a 5-mile run for a great cause. After joining in for my self-coined 1st Annual Downtown “TRY”athlon, I quickly realized what a great group of warm folks are getting involved in this …