Coffee with Room for a Local Vibe

Grumpy Monkey is the absolute best cup of drip coffee in town.  They can’t and will not be beat. Please let me know if you think you’ve found a better one in North Idaho and I’d certainly love to discuss it over a cup of coffee at Grumpy Monkey.  And when I say coffee, I mean coffee.  There’s a lot of folk out there with their five to nine-adjective orders for pumps, foam, percentage, temps, etc. – all bets are off when you get that crazy.

One of the best coffee-shop “vibes” we have in the area and a convenient location for anything requiring I-90 access. Baristas are super friendly and takes pride in what they do.  My vote for Best of North Idaho 2016 and Best of Our Town 2016, 2017 and 2018.

downloadIf you’re looking for the full scoop on what makes the Grumpy Monkey coffee so epic, check out this write-up from some very cool locals whom I can only hope to meet soon, Morgan Branch and Andrew Brand – authors of the coolest and most thoughtful six-entry blog in North Idaho,